Many of the small businesses we have involved in our Patriot Crates project are absolutely thrilled to be involved. They appreciate what we are doing and it shows. They actually care and want to build lasting relationships rather than making a quick buck and moving on. It's pride, it's integrity and it's so American.

Time and time again, that American spirit shows itself in little personal touches from these small businesses, you know... the little things. The handwritten notes in the packages, the signed business cards in each box, the "hands on'' follow up to make sure our packages showed up on time and's unbelievable and it's something you don't get at WalMart.
  • Red Head Barrels-
    Amie M 8:45 AM
    Hi Shane, Thank you so much for allowing us to part of your program! This is so exciting.

  • Sweet Water Decor-
    Melissa 7:33 AM
    Hi Shane! Thank you SO much for placing your first order with Sweet Water Décor! We are so excited to have our products in your shop!
  • Wendell August Forge-
    Stephanie S 8:59 AM
    Good morning Shane, Happy Friday! I am excited to have the opportunity to partner with a startup, and one who still values American Made products.
  • Clayton and Crume-
    Luc B 7:19 PM
    It was great meeting you. We hope you had a great week recovering from Vegas! Looking forward to working with you and your clients this year.