A Letter From The Owners, Mike and Amber Wall

First and foremost, we appreciate the encouragement we’ve received from many of you while WE take this journey. When I say “WE,” I am primarily referring to our customers, as we have seen a ton of support for our purpose in making this business successful. Quite frankly, without you, we do not employ our veteran staff, we do not grow to employ more men and women that have served our country, which in turn would not represent our level of gratitude for our freedom and liberties, and finally, we would not be able to support our family (this is quite important to live, breath, and continue on with our purpose).

About Our Family

We are a blended family, and what I mean by that is we are on our second marriage and have put our three children together under one roof (we also have two dogs, and two young goats). However, we do not refer to our family as a “step-family,” contrary to the societal norms. We call ourselves the Wolf Pack, and here is why…. We came into this family with three last names, different backgrounds, different childhoods and different parenting styles. We recognize our differences but have made a commitment to truly set this aside and make our family something bigger than the status quo. Our children believe they are part of something bigger and strongly believe in the Wolf Pack. If you knew and met them, you would hear them brag about the Pack, without a doubt. We refuse to lose, and we are committed to making our dreams come true. Like wolves, our family recognizes our loyalty to one another, we are proud and determined, we are protective and caring, we definitely need our freedom, and as a result, we have the courage to stand out.

About Our Family

My wife, Amber, has paved the way with her courage to stand out. I saw her work so hard for 20 years in a corporate setting, and also give so much of herself to a large corporation day in and day out, that she had very little left when she came home. The original purpose of purchasing Bottle Breacher in April of 2022 was to give her the freedom to break free of the many flawed policies of large corporations today (which included working/living by their values and following their political beliefs in many cases) to align her career with our family values (freedom being a major one) by working for herself. This would also allow her to spend more time with the kids, and to have the spirit and energy to truly enjoy all the time with them. Well, this opportunity has provided those luxuries, but has also created something much bigger. Amber had spent a lot of time helping newly hired team members coming out of the military transitioning into civilian life throughout her career. The biggest observation in doing so was the company’s lack of ability to empathize with the new team members during their transition, and the many restrictions in the corporate world with providing the time needed to help the new employee. In acquiring Bottle Breacher, Amber has had the opportunity to work with our veteran staff and understand what they need to succeed, but more importantly, help them realize their strengths and support their ambitions.

Where We Are Today

Amber will tell you that our products are really bad-ass, but she truly sees our product as a means to the end-goal; supporting, appreciating, encouraging, and hiring more of our brave men and women who keep our flag flying every day. Military appreciation to her and I is not one month out of the year, but every day of the year. We are forever grateful for our freedom, which has also provided us with this opportunity to serve those who have served us. It has come full circle. We love our flag, our country, and the people who serve to make this great country the land of the free because of the brave.

With Gratitude,
Mike and Amber Wall

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