Patriot Crates are themed curated gift crates packed with HANDMADE products from American small businesses, influencers and celebrities.We are talking about incredible veteran owned, minority owned, women owned, disabled owned and family owned businesses.....but above all, they are all 100% MADE IN AMERICA, SMALL BUSINESSES.

Our massive team of blue-collar patriots are handpicked and vetted. Artisans, farmers, chefs, artists, mixologists, woodworkers, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, metal shapers, welders, clothing manufacturers and entrepreneurs…..making 100% of their products by hand, with pride, right here in the U.S…..for you!

Many have incredible rags to riches stories that truly embody the AMERICAN DREAM, others are small town heroes employing as many people in their communities as possible. It has been an inspiring journey getting to know the owners and their employees, who many times are treated as family.

Some are celebrities in their own right, featured on TV shows from Shark Tank, Discovery Channel, History Channel and Motor Trend to FOX news, magazines, morning news shows, and podcasts. Others being social media influencers, boasting their own brands and impressive numbers of followers. These modern-day heroes have built their businesses from the ground up, without compromising quality or giving in to industry pressure to import products.

Our Artisans