4 time Naked and Afraid survivalist on The Discovery Channel, Kaila Cummings started her career out on Youtube, collecting knives and guns, doing reviews, and contributing to the survival community with her knowledge and experience. 

Being a maker and fabricator at heart, she decided to go all in on her dream, her own knife making shop. She sold her gun and knife collection to purchase her equipment and started Kaila Cumings Knives out of her own shop in the woods of Vermont.
100% self taught, this social media and survivalist influencer has been a tremendous help to our cause in supporting small American businesses. Her contribution to Patriot Crates are these incredible handmade "brut de forge" knives. 


brute de forge (uncountable)

  1. (metalworking) A forging technique to shape metal to its final form by working it through forging only, and leaving that as the finished surface, with only sanding or grinding what is necessary for function.
  2. (metalworking, proscribed) Forge texturing, a metal finish, where the finished surface leaves the forge and hammering marks in place without grinding, sanding, polishing it away, except where such activity is necessary.

Check out Kaila: www.kailacumingknives.com