Molly and Me Pecans began when I started picking up pecans under the big old pecan trees at my brother-in-law's farm outside of Charleston. I have always loved to bake, it makes me happy, so it was no surprise to anyone that I started making different flavors of pecans and giving them to family and friends. When people started asking about buying them, I knew this is what I wanted to do. So, with my husband's blessing, I quit my job in the corporate world and have never looked back. Molly, my puppy at the time, would lay under the pecan trees while I spent hours picking up pecans, and ride with me to the mill to have them cracked. Molly was my constant companion, so the name Molly and Me just seemed to fit. We have grown slowly on purpose, making each batch by hand in a cookhouse on our farm. We now make seven flavors of pecans, as well as praline patties. We also make our seven flavors in smaller pieces for salad and ice cream toppings. We may have grown a little over the years, but one thing stays the same. We bake each order fresh in small batches.