Although Patriot Crates is an unbelievable program with nearly 100 (and growing everyday) small businesses involved, this is still a relatively new program with alot of moving please be patient. We have worked tirelessly to ensure a solid supply chain, dependable vendors and back ups in case those vendors cannot deliver in a timely fashion. 

Please understand we get a lot of national news and press attention which creates large influxes of orders, and at times can exceed our 1 to 4 week fulfillment time. THIS IS EXTREMELY RARE, but has happened. 

Please Note: We do offer Patriot Crate post cards free of charge to keep the gifting spirit exciting. (just shoot us an email and we will send one on your behalf) They come in a gifting envelope and read:

"Your Patriot Crate is on it's way!" 

It will include the story of our company and what we stand for, without revealing what crate they will be recieving (to keep it a suprise)

Reguardless, we will always keep you 100% updated on the status of your order via email. If at anytime you would like a more personal order status feel free to reach out 920-717-0635 or

Shane Henderson
Patriot Crates