(woman owned)
Life gave us lemons so we turned those lemons into our first recipe book and then added a fun line of kitchen gadgets and eventually 17 more recipe books! We, two friends, Ali & Christine, came together; one of us had very little money, but lots of time and the other had money but was suffering through an illness. We put our creativity together and published our first recipe book called "When Life Gives You Lemons." Using our families' tried & true recipes, we went to work! We cooked each recipe, took the photos, did the graphic design ourselves and after they were printed we even bound them by hand in the garage. We are a true cottage industry! Today, we have 18 titles in our "When Life Gives You" series (printed in our hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado). Our little books are a favorite gift item because each recipe has a savory, color photo on the front and easy step-by-step directions on the back. Each page is laminated and has a UV coating to last for generations.