About Miss Mary's Mix

Miss Mary's make low-sugar MIXERS & ELIXIRS and no-sugar SYRUPS that look beautiful on shelves, but don't stay on them for long! What makes our products unique? No Artificial Sweeteners | All Natural Flavors & Colors | Keto-Friendly | No Major Allergens | No High Fructose Corn Syrup | Gluten Free | Plant-Based Best of All? They TASTE amazing. Now, you can wake up with Miss Mary's, too! In Q4 2022, we introduced SUGAR FREE SINLESS SYRUPS - perfect for coffee, tea, cocoa, smoothies, sauces, desserts, and more. Why "Sinless?" These syrups contain no artificial anything, have zero sugar/carbs, and taste like heaven. *wink* There's really nothing like it on the market. ORIGINAL FLAVORS include: Madagascar Vanilla • Caramel • Mocha HOLIDAY FLAVORS include: Gingerbread Salted Caramel • Spiced Vanilla • Peppermint Mocha Don't forget about our Sinless Simple Syrup - that will make cocktails, desserts, parfaits, whipped cream, and.... - sugar-free and guilt-free. Our Morning Elixirs are so delicious, you'll want to drink them all day: ORIGINAL BLOODY MARY • BOLD & SPICY BLOODY MARY • THICK & SAVORY BLOODY MARY Our Cocktail Mixers make everyone an expert bartender so you spend more time sipping and less time mixing: LITE MARGARITA • LITE PALOMA • WISCONSIN OLD FASHIONED We also add our Wholesale partners to the Store Finder app on our website. Cheers!