Pink Prohibition is a Luxury Apothecary offering high quality, all organic, small-batch plant magic and self care essentials. All of our products are naturally sourced and persevered for freshness to ensure superb product quality. Every single product is handmade with love and intention and packaged with beauty and care.

Leila is a holistic advocate and practicing herbalist based in Inglewood, CA. Her love for plant magic and herbalism began at an early age in her father's garden and continued in her family kitchen, where she has honed her knowledge and skills to create herbal remedies and tea blends, infused sugars and spices, herbal smoking blends, and more. Her process includes harvesting, sun drying, dehydration, freeze drying, and infusing. Every single item is handmade with love and intention and intended for ritualistic self care. 

Leila founded Pink Prohibition in 2020 with a mission to build a community that encourages individuals to create luxury wellness routines that address nutritional, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. 

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