Born and raised in Northwest Florida Wayne Meligan is the real deal.  Aside from being a “jack of all trades” he is an avid outdoorsman/fisherman.  Wayne started his professional career as a Critical Care/Open heart RN.  As the Assistant Nurse Manager/charge nurse of a 26 bed ICU he had to perform under pressure nonstop. He has a great love for helping people but always dreamed of chasing that “American Dream” and making a living with his on god given two hands.  

In 2017 he needed a skeleton key for a huge custom door he constructed for his Pirate Bar Man Cave. It was when he first heated that piece of steel that a fire lit inside of him…. It has been burning nonstop ever since.  He was reborn and discovered his calling.. Any extra time around his 48 hour hospital work week was spent in his shop… He casted everything aside for 2 straight years forging himself into a Bladesmith.  

8 months into this new calling he was featured on the History Channel show “Knife or Death” (season 1 episode 5). Then at 1.5 years experience he appeared on History Channel’s “Forged in Fire.” Season 6 Episode 25 “The Falchion” Winning the show and becoming a Forged In Fire Champion! Soon after, he walked away from healthcare to chase his dreams of being a full-time pro Bladesmith.  

The majority of folks told him he could never do it… He couldn’t make it.. and was a fool to think he could just walk away from a career he had bachelors degree in to make it on his own… Well guess what. He did make it.. He is now a full-time Pro Bladesmith and small business owner.  He is living the American Dream.  Wayne is now making some of the most incredible edged art the world has ever seen.  He continues to Build his Skills as well as his company Pirate Forge.