About Preggie Pops & Queasy Pops

Noni Martin, RN. Noni has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 25 years and her focus has always been toward families, childbirth, and babies. A great believer in preventative care, Noni started working with adults, progressed to pediatrics and families, then high-risk infants, newborn nursery, and, finally, childbirth and pregnancy classes of every sort, always attempting to prevent a problem before it occurred. Jim Pathman, PhD. Dr. Jim Pathman Jim has a unique and caring background which adds to his abilities in managing the Three Lollies. Long before the conception of Preggie Pops, Jim identified his love of helping others feel better. As a very young adult he helped treat autistic and emotionally challenged children. His dedication and devotion to the care of others carried him through both Masters and Doctoral degrees in the field of Psychology. To his credit, Jim has always aimed at “helping people feel better."