Let’s face it: the energy drink market is more saturated than ever. 

Some brands claim their drinks can help you take flight or unleash your inner ferocious beast. In reality, these lofty guarantees can only be achieved in movies by landing in a vat of radioactive sludge. And one look at these drinks’ ingredients shows that they may be closer to radioactive sludge than we’d like to admit, but don’t provide the benefits. 

Vyper Energy, on the other hand, is different. Founded by a type 1 diabetic, we know the impact good, clean ingredients can have on the human body firsthand. Vyper Energy is formulated with our patented Vitamin + EAA Blend and 150mg of caffeine, and packs a punch you can feel good about long after the caffeine buzz wears off. 

We know you need an energy drink that’s as hardworking as you are, and we pride ourselves in providing a product you can trust that the other guys simply can’t deliver. And with no artificial ingredients, being real is the name of the game at Vyper Energy. 
When tiredness strikes, strike back with Vyper: America’s Energy Drink.

Check us out www.vyperenergy.com